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Why can't I instantiate an HttpRequest from my Windows client app in c#?

All I want to do is call a URL as an httpRequest using the GET method and get a string back. I have

using System.Web

but I cannot declare

System.Web.HttpRequest request = new ...

what gives? Isn't this the most basic thing? I don't get it.
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Assuming there will be questions, I will answer some in advance. I am going to call a webservice provided by a Lotus Notes / Domino application which I also wrote. I am not very clear on exactly how to set up a proper webservice in Domino, but I know that if you point your browser to my URL, you will get back some XML with the proper headers (text/xml) so the browser displays it as XML. I don't want to use POST, just GET.
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Did you add a reference to System.Web?
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I didn't know I needed to add a reference, but having done that, I see that I can now declare the instance of the HttpRequest object. But why does it want a filename? I haven't gotten it to work yet.
I think what you are looking for is System.Net.HttpWebRequest, not HttpRequest.
using System.Net;


HttpWebRequest request = HttpWebRequest.Create("");

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That's all I needed! Thanks!