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How to Extract file from VMDK Snapshot

We made a mistake when moving a vmware 3.5 file to a new 4.1 host.  We forgot that there were snapshots on the server.  We moved it and then started the server without referencing the snapshot.  The snapshot contains a critical access database file that has nearly 2 years of data on it.  We need to try to recover the data.
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Are there any snapshots at present available to rollback to?
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The server is named Facilities.  There is a Facilities.vmdk file that is about 250GB.  I am guessing that is the actual disk.  There is a Facilities-000001.vmdk that is about 8GB.  I am guessing that is the original content of the server up until the snapshot was taken.  Then there is a Facilities-Snapsho1.vmsn that is about 2GB in size that I am guessing contains all the changes since the snapshot was taken on 3/3/2009.  As I understand it the server was booted up after the files were moved by attaching the server to the new host.  When the server was started it was realized the data was almost 2 years old.
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So you are saying that the server has reverted to an old snapshot?
I think the snapshots were setup a couple of years ago during the initial deployment of VMWare and it was forgotten that it was done.  To my knowledge it was not intended to use them as backups.
I think the snapshot was done on March 2, 2009.  The sever appears to have reverted back to that point in time.
okay, and nothing is available in the Snapshot Manager?
We had backups of all the data with the exception of one critical Access database.  That is what we are trying to find a way to recover.
if nothing is available in Snapshot Manager, I would follow the advice that my fellow expert danm66 has provided above.

Depending on how urgent and access to this Citrical Access database is, I would suggest a Support Call to VMware, and then as suggested by my fellow expert danm66, Ontrack Data Recovery.
The files were moved to a new server.  Once the problem was detected the files were then copied back to the original server.  The snapshot manager of the old server shows the snapshots. but is unable to merge the snapshot since the server had been started in the new server.
Can you boot up the old server?
Please post screenshot of Snapshot Manager for the VM.
There was too much corruption to allow the server to boot, but we are able to attach the vmdk file as a drive and copy out the data.