TL-R488T Configuration


I have two Adsl accounts from same ISP with speed 20 mega.. Then I connect the modems to TL-R488T trying to get 40 mega. Everything is working fine, except that I did not get the speed of full bandwidth together.

What shall I do?

Abdurahman AlmatrodiBusiness DevelopmentAsked:
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How did you measure the bandwidth?  Did you have multiple streams to permit it to load balance?
review your speed/duplex settings of your interfaces.  are they set to auto or are they set static?
Abdurahman AlmatrodiBusiness DevelopmentAuthor Commented:

I measured the speed by download manager. with one dsl connection I got up tp 1900 KB. logically, with two dsl connection I will have at least 2600 KB, but this is not what I got. I still got one dsl connection speed.

how to find these settings. I searched for them in my wireless card settings and I did not find any.


check out page 35 and 36 of the manual below which will walk you through setting the speed and duplex of the device.
I agree with checking speed and duplex.  For key devices, such as servers, it can be a good idea to set them static to what you expect instead of using Auto.

Download manager with this load balancer is probably not trying to use both circuits.  It's probably a synchronous process that doesn't "multitask".  Your test needs to have at least two datastreams that can run asynchronously to measure the impact.  You should run it with one circuit and then two and use time and data rates to determine the aggregate throughput.

Short answer, with one process, you'll have one data transfer occuring.  It may be switching between the circuits, but you'll not notice any improvement such as is currently the case.

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