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Can Printer Settings be Passed Down to Clients through Print Server?

Hi all.

This has been something that has been bothering me for the last few years but enough is enough.

I am in a Windows domain environment.

Can tray settings and paper handling settings be set on the print server (Windows Server 2003) and passed down to all users that access the printer?

When a user adds a shared printer to their computer, the settings look like they get reset.  This seems to happen regardless of the printer.

Is this normal?

If I want the paper source on printer X to be "tray 3" instead of "automatically select", is there something that can make this happen globally?

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SylvainDrapeau is right; the key is to configure the settings via the Printing Defaults button, and not the Printing Preferences button.
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Thank you for the info guys.

You are right.

I didn't know what the stupid button did but now I know it allows you to set the defaults.


PS - You are correct in that I had to remove the printer from the client and restart the print spooler service THEN add the printer back for the changes to apply.