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jQuery Binding in Nested Lists

I have some nested ul's and I have a short script that binds to the click event and then alerts the ID like follows:
    $(this).bind('click', function() {
        alert('You clicked on: ' + $(this).attr('id'));

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The problem is that the nested ul's are in the li's and so when the user clicks on one of the items in the nested list, two popups appear.

I need to either only bind to the non-ul items in the li, or somehow wrap the text in a span or something which would be easier to bind to.  It should be noted that some of the items have HTML items in it such as images, and what I really need to do is to bind to EVERYTHING EXCEPT the nested list.  Also, I don't want to stop the second alert from appear because, as you can imagine, the actual project doesn't actual alert the list item's id.

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I ended up using stopPropagation because I did want the nested li's to alert as well, which is why I just had it as $('li').  Thanks!