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self paced NIKON DSLR photograpgy training books?

so i am a developer and like the many self paced training book series out for learning various technologies like SQL or ASP.NET.

is there anything like this for learning photography?

it would be cool to have lessons and "lab" type undersizes to practice various aspects of photography.

is not are there books that take you through learning digital photography, preferably with a nikon and preferably with a d7000

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Personally, all you need is the manual and to get out there and shoot!

The basics or your film speed or ISO in digital, your aperture, your shutterspeed, and then just a handful of other tricks like auto focus modes.

Are you having trouble? Or just bit off more then you can chew? I would personally stay away from books on how to use a camera, because they want to teach you to be an artist as much as use the camera.

What I would do, is pick a mode like aperture priority, and then shoot. Find something you don't like about your shots and then investigate how to make it better. To many out of focus shots, pull out the manual and figure out when to use AF-C, AF-A as well as when you want to dynamic focus, center-weighted, or 3D.
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