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Stop 50 Error on Terminal Server 2003

Losing my mind here.
Had a bad week a couple of weeks ago (12/16-12/20) where the Terminal Server unexpectedly rebooted every day, at random points during the middle of the business day (always, right?). It was the same STOP error every time: Error code 00000050, parameter1 bad0b118, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 8092b1f2, parameter4 00000000. Even the same parameters every time.
On the 20th, I made a change to the configuration of the ESET Antivirus client, disabling Network Drive Scanning for the Real Time Scanner. The server continued normal usage, and did not unexpectedly reboot for 8 days.
The same stop error, including parameters, happened again yesterday (12/28), and again today (12/29). My money's on it happening again tomorrow.
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It's not the SDBot infection. I haven't had a chance to fully run diagnostics against the hardware components, hoping to do that with some down time (hard to come by). Not a UPS problem; this server isn't connected to a UPS with a smart-signalling type cable, and the UPS it is connected to powers other servers, which are not experiencing any issues.
If anyone has any insight for the easiest way to review the MEMORY.DMP file, that would be helpful as well.
To review DMP files, i've used the first link below.  it has command lines specified that pulls symbols from microsoft's website so you don't need the CD.  the second link has where you get the DMP analysis tools and how to install them.
Turned out to be an issue with AV software doing some things it shouldn't have been doing.