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??ms outlook 2003 2007 and AOL IMAP??

I need help understanding MS OUTLOOK and its interaction with AOL.

My wife and I both have AOL accounts for our primary personal email.
We both use AOL IMAP.
I use OUTLOOK 2007.
My wife uses OUTLOOK 2003.

Recently, I noticed that she had over 1200 messages in her AOL inbox.
She uses OUTLOOK 2003.

On the other hand, I use OUTLOOK 2007.
My email is MOVED from AOL to my Personal Folders INBOX.
It appears that the mail is removed from the AOL server completely.
Thus, my AOL IMAP INBOX is shown in OUTLOOK as empty.

I don't know HOW I convinced OUTLOOK 2007 to do a MOVE rather than COPY.
But, I like it that way.

I would LIKE to set her OUTLOOK 2003 to also MOVE rather than COPY.

?????How can I configure the OUTLOOK 2003 to have that effect of MOVE rather than COPY email items from the AOL INBOX to the PERSONAL FOLDERS pst INBOX ????

One thing that I do differently in practice is the following.
I use a WHITE LIST of RULES to move email from selected senders to a folder called "my real inbox. in my PERSONAL FOLDERS PST"
I then peruse my regular INBOX and move the mail items to a separate folder called "delete these later"

I thought that perhaps a  SYNC process was deleting the mail from AOL once I removed it from my PST INBOX.
The AOL inbox seems to be EMPTY immediately after the mail is received into my PST inbox, before I do anything.

thanks for insights and help. Phil

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POP did the trick! thanks!