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Vista update error

I have a Vista machine that has two "update" error codes where an update didn't take.  Error code 646 and also error code 1.  I got the error code 646 last week and tried installing a new version of Windows Update Agent and that seemed to fix it, but when the update service ran again this morning it is showing those updates didn't work. Now I am also getting the error code 1 as well as the code 646.
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I would assume that your download packages from Microsoft were corrupted.  Please do the followings:

1) Stop Automatic Update service
2) Delete all contents within the folder in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\.  There should be files with ebd extension and a folder named "Logs".  You can delete the files and the Logs folder.  They will be re-created the next time you run Windows Update again.
3) Start Automatic Update service
4) Run Windows Update again.

Good luck
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I'll try that and let you know what happens
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Are these office updates ?
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If those two did not fix it, try to patch your windows installer:
Hi Guys,

Can we get back to this question? I apologize for not doing it sooner, but that is a personal computer that I don't have access to during the day.  I tried the suggestion by dstewartjr:Then use the "Fix it for me" in the link.  That did not do it.  I have not tried McKnifes suggestion, as it cautions to not do it if it doesn't seem the msi.dll is the issue?  Other updates are working, only the Office updates are not.  ALso, I have's suite on that computer.  Have had it on a couple of years.  Wonder if something with that is the issue with MS Office updates not working?
Try it - you can uninstall the patch if it does not change anything.

I plan to try the patch McKnife recommended this weekend.  Will get back to you guys at that time.  Thanks for the input.
Hi Guys,

Tried all suggestions. The "fix" didn't help.  The Hotfix to repair installer didn't help.  The UAC when disabled did work, but allowed all but one update to install.  It solved the error 646, but I am still getting error code 1 which is preventing the Bing Bar update to install.  

Another thing I forgot to mention is CoreFoundation.dll isn't working.  Not sure if that has anything to do with all we have been discussing.

So, the two remaining issues are the Bing Bar update won't install and it seems to have something to do with error Code 1.  And, CoreFoundation.dll isn't working.

Thanks for the input.  I'll probably be able to try whatever you suggest on that machine this weekend.
Does a manual install of the bing update work?

CoreFoundation.dll, have you tried a repair install of Adobe Photoshop?

CoreFoundation.dll-I don't have Adobe Photoshop on it. I have iTunes and am wondering if it's a problem with that?  Actually an error message says AppleSyncNotifier not working and that seems to be something to do with this.

Bing Update, error Code 1- I tried the bing manual update. Didn't work. Not sure if I did it "manually". I went to Windows Update and downloaded it and clicked install.  If there is something different that I should do to force it or otherwise manually do it, please let  me know.  What I just did didn't work.
Download the file 0x80070646_vista7. zip to fix corrupted registry keys, at the following address and save it on your desktop:

To run the repair file, just right-click the file, 0x80070646_vista7. zip on your desktop and select extract all. If you are asked where you want to save it, so save it on your desktop again. There will now be a file named 0x80070646_vista7. reg on your desktop, double click on it and say yes to you want to add information to the registry.
try running updates again
Thanks Michael, I will try this tonite or tomorrow morning and post the result.
FYI - that .reg file was created and uploaded by Microsoft Tech support Europe and is used when the KB2258121 does not work
That reg file does no different than the "Fix it" I already posted

Hi All,

Have tried each suggestion, not updating Bing Bar.  The Word updates did work.
Bing still doesnt' update, but the Word updates worked, so I figured I would give this one to you.  Thanks to all for the input
The reg file is provided to customers from Microsoft Tech support Europe as part of a guide where the Fix it function is the first step. If the Fix it portion of that guide does not work then they must use the reg file. I have my reservations regarding that the reg file does the same thing as the Fix it and certain that the reg file sugestion does more than the Fix it. Despite this disagreement, I am just glad that your suggestion helped to resolve this problem - Good Work!

" I have my reservations regarding that the reg file does the same thing as the Fix it and certain that the reg file sugestion does more than the Fix it."

Microsoft "Fix its" (Under the fix it for me section) do exactly what the "Let me fix it myself" section says.....nothing more,nothing less.

It's just an auotomated way for users that are afraid to mess with the registry themselves.

Both the reg file you suggested and the "Let me fix it myself" from the KB are identical.

I wasnt trying to shoot down your suggestion in anyway, just point out that what you had(Reg file) was made into a KB article.

I only wanted to point this out for future reference :)
Clueless here, but thinking there is a problem with IE that may be causing the issue, or, sometthing to do with the Apple update service. I use Safari on that computer becuase IE stopped working a while back.  iTunes won't update and I haven't really cared about that, but now am thinking there is something to do with Core Foundation.dll and may be related to this?
What happens if you use the Vista Hidden Administrator ?