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Can't type in cell in Word 2003 table

In Word 2003, I have a table with headings, I've chosen Heading Rows repeat. The file is attached. The problem is when I get from page 1 to page 2, the data in column 3 wraps to page two, which is fine, but I want to put corresponding data in the two cells to the left on page two (under Page and Heading) so I can refer to the page number and chapter that the data belongs to, but I am unable to get my insertion point in either of those cells, I just get the diaganal arrow and it merely highlights column 3. How can I get data into the first two cells on page 2?
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I agree with Tommy ~ however, I would suggest selecting the entire table and change the properties to not allow any rows to break across pages.

Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP
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I still wonder why they have never set this property as false by default. I am always correcting my tables by manually setting the rows to not break across pages. I suppose I could just tie the insertion of tables to a macro that does just that.
In talking to the product development guys, they hesitate to change the defaults since the people who care have created work arounds just like you intend to do, and changing the default may break those work arounds.

As far as I am concerned; about 50% of the people prefer to break on a row while about the same number would rather their rows never break across pages. <shrug>

Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP
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Perfect! This answer solved it completely!