VFP - combobox retrieving values ?

Hi Experts

I'm facing a problem in retrieving the column sb_cccx that has the code associated with the description (like bellow)  from a combo when clicking in an combo option during edition:

Select SB_CCCX, Desc From CCCX;
      ORDER By Desc;
      WHERE SB_EMP = m.SB_EMP And;
      INTO Cursor temp_cccx

tam = _Tally
If tam>0
      Go Top
            Thisform.pageframe1.page1.cmbCCCx1.List(i) = temp_cccx.Desc
            i = i+1
How to code to  make  thisform.msb_cccx property to have the correct value when the user clicks the option ?

Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAsked:
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If the SB_CCCX is a string then it is relatively easy:

Create combo containing two columns (CoulmnCount = 2), place the displayed value to the first column and the value which should be stored to the RowSource has to be in column 2.

Populate the combo with the following code:

i = 1
      Thisform.pageframe1.page1.cmbCCCx1.List(i,1) = temp_cccx.Desc
      Thisform.pageframe1.page1.cmbCCCx1.List(i,2) = temp_cccx.SB_CCCX
      i = i+1

and the BounColumn value should contain column number which will be stored into RowSource.

If you would like to suppress the second column display in the Combo then you may set its Column width to zero (ColumnWidths = "100,0")

You could also use Combo.RowSourceType = 2 and RowSource = "temp_cccx" and then the combo item selection selects a row from your cursor directly and you don't need to populate the List array.

I would recommend to buy Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro (http://www.hentzenwerke.com/catalog/hackfox7.htm) which contains many useful hints and explains how Combo works on different data types very deeply.

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Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:
Hi, Pcelba

Using the initial suggestion the only problem is to obtain existing values in the combo when open the form and navegating betwenn registers (it comes empty)

What is needed to workaround it ?

The combo should be populated in Form Init method or elsewhere. Where is your code to create Combo contents?

What are all non-default properties for the combo?

Did you try to look at combop properties in debugger?
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:

Sorry the delay....

I've checked some properties and made some code adjusts and evereythings is ok...
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