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Table Design and CSS

Ok Folks, this website is going back a ways and I didn't create it, but what I have is a table design that has a small glitch that is pushing down the alignment of the green background bar just above the left hand side navigation. Also there seems to be a hair pin green line right above the Logo of the company. I have tried everything to fix it from boarder "0", <td valign="top"> to validating in W3 and still I can find the little bugger. What is strange is that it looks fine in dreamweaver and upon markup I loose alignment. The only other thing I can think of is that this is the only page that uses an <iframe> to call in all of the employee profiles? Can this be messing things up on mark up?

Have a look at the page...
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Chris Labbate
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I wanted to add that this is just occurring in FireFox, I am going to check with firebug to see what I can see!
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Change this:

              <td valign="top" height="1" bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="4">				
              <img width="554" height="45" src="images/team_21.jpg"></td>

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To this:

              <td valign="top" height="1" bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="4">				
              <img width="554" height="48" src="images/team_21.jpg"></td>

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I'm not seeing that "hair pin green line"
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Changing the height on line 85 to '168' or lower does the same thing.  But that image on the other pages is '48' high.

<img src="images/spacer.gif" width="209" height="168">
The thin green line is some of the images 'shining' through the table.  Even though cellpadding and cellspacing are 0, the image is still 'leaking' through.  It appears just above the word douglas. Not sure how to stop it though.
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Got it right on the money!
Interesting choice of solutions.  That same thing had already been suggested along with another that also worked.
Sorry Dave after review of your answer, I see that your answer would have also worked. I got three posts all at once and I looked at one with picture attached and because it was the last one posted I thought that it might have been all from the same Expert. If there is a way to go back and award partial points let me know, Im a brand new member here but fair is fair you should have got some points for posting first.
Don't worry about it now but you might take a second look next time.