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Recommendations on alternative to fujitsu scanners models 4340, 6240, 6140, 5220's

We have been having a number of problems with our fujitsu model scanners.
One model 6240 getting jam in adf error but there is nothing in the adf that we can see anyway.
Another scanner, a 4340 would jam but we couldn't find anything that would cause it to jam.
We had replaced the rollers and tabs.
We were thinking that the user might be scanning too much.

Just wondering if there was a more efficient brand out there and at a more reasonable cost.

Would appreciate any recommendations or thoughts.
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Forgot to mention that scanners would need to do adf and flatbed.
Most of our users use the adf for scanning but some scan large plat documents and would need a flatbed.
Our customers scan at 200 dpi.
Documents that are scanned include marriage licenses, plats, deeds, mortgages, and voter cards.
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Thanks for the recommendation.