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exchange 2003 wont accept mail for (not from) new domain

we have changed our domain name recently for our email.
we are going to use 2 email addresses for each person for a 2 month transition period
in exchange i am putting the new smtp email address for the user.

so lets use these conventions.

old domain.
new domain

john's user profile in exchange 2003 active directory has 2 smtp addresses.  both of the above mention listed.

we run our email through postini service.  postini has confirmed that both domains are set up identical but that our exchange server is not accepting mail from

when i am logged into's outlook and send an email to the email arrives instantly.  so the internal x.400 protocol is probably working if i know what im talking about.
how do i get my exchange server to accept mail from outside for domain
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thanks dude man
got me working