Did my hard drive crash and will I need to replace it? My computer list no primary hard drive.

I was working on a laptop I just picked up and I believe the hard drive crashed.  I got the "blue screen of death" after working in windows for 15 minutes so I restarted the computer.  Did not even get into windows the second time and saw the blue screen.  On the third attempt windows fails to load and I get an error message that says no bootable devices.  I went into the set up and under hard Did the hard drive crash?  Do I just need to replace it? What do I do next?
It is a Dell Latitude D600 Series.  Bios reads Primary Hard Drive: None
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I have had several of the D600 hard drives go bad on me.  I think you need to replace it.  I have had some luck recovering data from them by buying a USB adapter for the drive and slaving it to another machine.  If you are even considering paying a professional to recover the data then don't make any recovery attempts yourself, it will only make it worse.
Start with the basics first.  Unscrew the screws that cover the hard drive, remove the hard-drive, and then reseat it.  Now boot into the BIOS.  Do you see the same thing (i.e. Primary Hard Drive:  NONE)?

After that, you can try hooking it up to another computer as a 'slave' device.  Something along the lines of an IDE/SATA to USB adapter would be needed for that.  Or you could just install the drive in a similar laptop and see if the BIOS recognizes it.
jdalskeAuthor Commented:
Thanks I was kind of figuring that but wanted to confirm.  I dont need anything off of it it but I have done the master/slave drive before and have been able to recover data so I may just practice some more with this pile :).  Any recommendations on a place for replacement parts?
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You can get good new and used hard drive for a D600 off of Ebay.  Since this system used ide drive, be careful to insure that is what you buy.  There are a lot of SATA drives out there and they will not work.

I think the other experts have the right idea here.  Ultimately 'slaving the hard drive' is the best way to get the data back.  However, that may take another machine and some cables you may not have right now, to do all this. You can also try downloading the Ultimate Boot CD and the tool inside called photorec to recover any files (I have read its free) and save to a USB device.  Please Note: I have not used the Ultimate Boot CD yet, but have read one or two good things about it.  http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/   If you try it, let me know if it helped.
Now, if the hard drive hardware is bad (like a bad circuit board), all hope is still not lost. I would simply buy an exact same hard duplicate drive from eBay and carefully unscrew the circuit board or the malfunctioning part and do the repair yourself  (if the data warrants this much trouble).
if the bios does not see the drive - it's unlikely you can access it  - or copy data from it.
you don't need another pc - just boot from a Knoppix live cd, and check if you can access the drive (otherOS and drivers) :  ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V6.2CD-2009-11-18-EN.iso     Knoppix      

post the disk model, then we can suggest a replacement
another option : it can be a bad disk controller  - then it works probably when connected to another pc
If the hard drive cant be detected in the BIOS, then you'll need to replace it.

If a new drive also cant be detected in BIOS, then you have a bad controller. You could attempt to flash the BIOS with the latest revision to recover the controller.

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