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FTP Site and Sonic Wall

I have setup an FTP site and a webserver as well. I am running a Sonicwall Pro2040 Enhanced. After I configured the FTP and HTTP in IIS I ran the Public Server Wizzard and I can see my external Website just fine VIA External IP, but when I try to access the FTP site I cant connect to the server. If I try from the Local server to access the external FTP://###.###.##.## then I get a log in my sonicwall stating that IP SPOOF DROPPED. But I dont see anything in the logs from any other computer that I am using trying to access the FTP site.
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By the way, I can obviously connect to the FTP site with the internal IP
Have you already open port 21 on the firewall for FTP service.
yes i did
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I am going to accept this comment due to the fact that the articles was helpful, but I wound up deleting ALL manual entris made for FTP and ran the wizzard and it worked, although the first 2 times I ran it, it did not work. Thanks for the help
third time is the charm.  thanks for the points!
LOL. Gotta LOVE IT! 4 Hrs for a stupid FTP site.
yeah...that stinks.  glad you got it.