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Powershell script to read in a text file that contains computer names then print out computer names that has event ID 113

Hi All,

I have  a text file that contains all server names. Each line in the text file is the server name.

I need a PS script to read in the file, look for even ID 113 on that computer than print out the name of the server to a text file if found.

Please help! We are at 2008 R2
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Joseph Daly
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I dont know if a powershell script is mandatory on this one but if not you may want to take a look at microsofts tool eventcombmt. This tool lets you add computers from a text files and then search them for specific error messages and returns a log for each one found.
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Great script.

I don't want to take away from your answer, but also offer a script that I created to find all errors within the last 24 hours on critical servers and email the list.


This may help you.  I'm not wanting credit for the answer, just wanted to pass on some useful scripts we created:

#Script to grab errors in the application event log from critical servers
$Date = get-date
$Count = [int]0
"" > EventLogRollup.txt
$ShortDate = $Date.ToShortDateString()
$ServerList = gc "complist.txt"
foreach ($Server in $ServerList){
$EventLog = ""
$EventLog = get-eventlog -computername $Server "Application" -entrytype "error" -after ((get-date).adddays(-1))
$Count += $EventLog.count
"$Server`n" >> "EventLogRollup.txt"
$Eventlog | Group-Object -property EventID -noelement | sort-object -property count -descending >> "EventLogRollup.txt"
"`n" >> "EventLogRollup.txt"
}#end server list

$arrSummary = get-content "EventLogRollup.txt"
foreach($Line in $ArrSummary){
$Rollup += "$Line`n"

$SMTPServer = "EXCHSERVER.DOMAIN.COM";$From = "";$To = "";$SMTPClient = New-Object system.Net.Mail.SmtpClient;$ = $SMTPServer
$Title = "$Count Errors on Critical Servers"
$Body = "$Rollup"

$SMTPClient = New-Object system.Net.Mail.SmtpClient
$ = $SMTPServer
#This can be cleaned up to use "Send-MailMessage" CMDLet.

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Dale Harris