providing web services on linux/perl


This is an exploratory question. I have already searched google for publish/provide web services on linux and not found anything that means that much to me.

I would like to publish some web services on a linux machine and don't really know where to start. The web services, at present, will be called by me from the same linux machine by various things such as perl programs and taverna ( a workflow tool which is based on web services).

I don't know anything about web servers on linux and only have basic knowledge of IIS. My guess is that i will have to install apache and configure it somehow to run web services. I guess i will also have to learn how to write a perl program so that it behaves as a web service. I will also have to learn how to call the web service on the local apache server from perl.

Is this what the task entails? I don't want to be barking up the wrong tree for hours if I can avoid it.

Any pointers/starters welcomed. I have found a free book chapter on the web to configure apache. ANy help on the perl side welcomed. I've been advised to use REST rather than SOAP for the web services so I don't know how that affects perl and apache. I imagine for perl it involves a different set of modules. I don't know how this will affect apache.

Thanks for your help
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To give you a basic background - web services are programs that use a web server(in you case apache)  to accept and respond to requests and generally requests need some programming on the client side to process the result of the call.  

So one option is to use perl to write the programs that respond to these requests, many other languages can be used.  If you are familiar with another language I'd suggest using that language.  (one less thing to learn)

Apache needs to be configured as you have surmised to allow programs to respond to the request.  You will need to install this engine and configure apache to use it.  For instance if you are familiar with java,  Apache Tomcat is a good java engine.

Probably a good place to start is to look for tutorials on how to write a web service in the language of your choice, and look for tutorials on how to configure the apache module for your chose language
here's a tutorial I found for perl - I googled <tutorial perl rest service>
and here's one to configure apache for perl - I googled <tutorial configure apache mod_perl>

I hope this helps

The only other question I would ask, since you don't know much about web services, is why do you want to create web services?  Is it a learning exercise? The reason I ask is its not always a good idea to use services.

Finally, a comment on REST services vs SOAP services.  SOAP services have a lot of additional capability and complexity over REST, but for instance if security and interoperability are important SOAP has a leg up on REST.

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andiejeAuthor Commented:
what does this mean:

Apache needs to be configured as you have surmised to allow programs to respond to the request.  You will need to install this engine and configure apache to use it.  For instance if you are familiar with java,  Apache Tomcat is a good java engine.

what engine?
andiejeAuthor Commented:
do you mean mod_perl?
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andiejeAuthor Commented:
Does it make a difference to configuring apache if i use REST or SOAP? I presume mod_perl handles both?
what I meant by this engine is whatever your choice is for programming - you need an environment that runs your programming language - mod_perl is it for perl along with perl itself - as far as your last question - if you need to use security then there could be more configuration depending on how you do it, but if you are just going to use REST - then mod_perl should do it.
andiejeAuthor Commented:
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