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Sonicwall Pro 2040 - Can't Access

I have a sonicwall firewall Pro2040 connected to my PC. I am unable to access its web management interface. I don't see any lights blinking as well on X0 interface. Any help?
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do you have link light at all?  you may need to use a crossover cable to connect to the sonicwall from your computer.  or, you can connect the two to a switch that performs auto detect for crossover and straight through cables.
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no there is no link light only power light. i have tried it with the switch as well. but nothing
can you tell me a little about this sonicwall?  did you get it off ebay?  did it work once and now all of a sudden it's not responsive?  have you set it to factory defaults already?
If you bought it used, you should do a factory reset on it.  There's a reset button, I think on the front panel.  You might need to power it up while holding in that button for the reset to work.  Give it a few minutes to settle in after doing the reset.  The web management IP after the reset will be if I remember correctly.  Login user would be admin, password "password".
the reset button is on the back next to the power.  hold in the button, apply power and wait 15 seconds.  release the reset button.  the IP address is correct.
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that will do it, sorry.
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The device is no longer functional, as informed by Sonicwall.