Someone told me that if I need to know how a gui we are building would connect to an already installed program or a program installed after the gui we are building is installed that we should use regedit. I am not sure what this means. The context is that we want to build an application that can start (or possibly control) other applications installed. It will be a sort of dashboard.
Can anyone clue me in on what regedit has to do with this?
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If you are building a program, regedit would only be useful after the program is built and installed.  And you are trying to fix any bugs that the program created in the registry.  Regedit is a simple registry editing program.  It is very powerful when used correctly, But used in correctly it can make your machine non-bootable or very problematic.
I think what is meant by this is:

if you're going to build a GUI application and want to populate it with an inventory of installed programs on a computer, you can get a inventory listing of installed applications and patches from a couple of places inside of the registry.

if you'd like to look at these, go to start run and type are regedit press okay

navigate to the two following locations


it's one of the locations have a an inventory of software installed on this particular computer.

Not all applications leave and installation trail under the two keys.  The other place is in the start menu located in the all users and each individual user profile.

I guess it was assumed that you would be pulling a live inventory from each computer in order to populate your dashboard.

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If your program is 32 bit and running on Windows 7 64 bit, you also need to check out this key as well:

I found 1 program listed here that didn't appear anywhere else.
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