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I need to setup OWA email on an ipad

I need to setup OWA email on an Ipad.  we use the format serveripaddress/exchange access from IE and Blackberrys.  How do I get it to work on an Ipad or Iphone for that matter?  I tried setting up using other instead of Exchange, but failed.
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just type the OWA address into the mail app and it should work
we have exchange 2k3 and the url is slightly different for web vs active sync. we have .com/exchange on our web url but for active sync you take off the /exchange. do not type http or https or anything. just type example of or whatever your owa address is.
just type serveripaddress as the server name as the traffic will be port forwarded to you exchange server.
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Thanks, I got it to work using Safari and typing in the address.  Is there no way to set it up as an email like Exchange or Gmail?  Just wondering....
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Thanks, I'll give it a try
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there is an ipad app called OWA2007 for Ipad or something like that. Its basically a mail client but uses owa as its connector