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installed memory now ie is faster

I have an old hp computer that is 900 mhz with 256 mb ram.  Every time I would double click internet explorer or Microsoft Excel it would take almost 30 seconds to connect or bring up the program.  I found some old ram and installed it.  Now I am at 384.   Everything is fast now.  It takes only 5 or 6 seconds for the programs to load.  Could updating that amount of ram have that much difference?  2nd question.  What happens when you update ram?  IE could not take up that much ram.
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What operating system are you running?  Memory is used for everything you do on a computer and some tasks require more than others.

256 MB of memory is a very very very tiny amount of memory in today's world.  2GB is even a low amount of memory as everything is getting more complex.

The more memory you have, the less your system has to page (swap to the hard drive swap file) and since memory is faster than accessing data on the hard drive, your system will perform better.
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Yes, it is way too different using 384 or 512 instead 256.

When you don't have enough RAM, Windows system start swaping to disk (instead of using RAM) and this takes so much time, so the overall performance is affected. My personal recommendation for Win XP is to use at least 512 MB.

As for IE, depending on the version you use, IE could take more than 512 MB (when you have enough RAM) depending on the tabs you have opened.