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How to setup an Print button within Incredimail

I have a client that was using XP SP3 on their old computer. The XP computer died. I pulled the HD out of the old computer placed it into a external case.

The client wants nothing to do with Windows Live Mail. They claim that they had a very bad experience. So I installed Incredimail. I was able to transfer their E-mails to the new computer. One of the things the client wants is a print button within Incredimail just like in Outlook Express. How can I make that happen?

I also need to move Outlook Express's address book on that HD to the new computer that is running Windows 7. How can I do that? What is the name of the address book and will I have to use another program to retrieve the E-mail address from it since there is no Outlook Express to create a WAB file.

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Thank you FirstSentinel for replying!!!

So if I just double click on an existing E-mail or as I am creating a new E-mail an Print button will display itself? Or I can print an email by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-P?

If there is no such Print button I find this situation strange that Incredimail has everything but a Print button. I wonder was is the reasoning behind that?