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how to troubleshoot when user sending a mail from the shared mailbox it is going to personal account sent items

When the user send an e-mail from the shared mailbox its going to his own personal account sent items rather than shared mailbox sent items

I tired to change in registry settiings but not worked

 using Outlook 2007
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Are you using a PST?  

Under Tool > Email Accounts open the account in question and take a look at the location of the data files.  Make sure the location of the data files points to the correct location.  
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This default behaviour of the mails which you sent from the Users account, it should be sent from your account
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I tried by using the registry keys but its not working
Did you restart the machine after changes?
yes i restarted the system
Does that user full permission access to sent items of shared mailbox?

You can try by copy an email to any of shared sent item's mailbox.
The user having Full mailbox permission for that Shared mail box
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no i have not  tried that one