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Creating a new host in Windows Server 2000 DNS

For the last few hours I have not been able to create a new A Host in our public DNS server running windows server 2000. I have done it before which I expand the DNS tree and right click on the domain but the only options it gives me are:
Transfer from master
New Windows from here
Export List

I don't know if it has a limit, currently I have 19 different DNS records. Any advice is much appreciated.
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JBond2010 is right, the Transfer from master option only appears for Secondary zones. Secondary zones are read only. Where is the Primary / Master?

Are you using an MMC to connect to the DNS server?  Or are you RDP'ing directly to it?

Could be something as simple as a locked-out account or changed permissions.  Try logging off of your PC and back on...same issue?

What about if you RDP directly into the DNS server?  

Sounds like a permissions issue, but need more info to troubleshoot.
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The primary DNS server is our Domain Controller. I have created a A host record internal but not sure how to create a externally resolvable?
You need to make the changes on the Server which holds the Primary Zone. When these changes are made the Secondard Zone will then update through Zone Transfers which is dependent on the SOA records for the Domains. SOA are time intervals for updates to take place and also the time frame which to check for updates or changes.
Open the properties for the secondary zone you do have, the master / primary server IP addresses will be listed. That's where you need to make the change.

I got it to work, I had to expand the primary under windows, JBond2010 and Chris-Dent was right I was in the secondary zone so will give them the credit. Thank you so much to everyone who reply to post.