Debugging a Dll used by an application

I have an application that uses a dll.  They are both in the same solution.  I am having a problem setting break points inside the dll and debugging it.  Thanks guys.  I've seen some of the documentation but still hitting a wall.  Thanks.
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1. ensure that both projects are built in debug mode, and both are build with compatible options (Debug MT is incompatible with Debug MT DLL)
2. mark the DLL project as a startup project
3. set executable name (Debugging/Command) for DLL project from EXE project
4. set breakpoints in DLL project
5. run

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graberAuthor Commented:
I have to do this from the exe side.  There are configuration files located in that directory that won't be seen from the dll side.
graberAuthor Commented:
Actually that will work.  There are only 3 files that I need. I'll just copy them into the start up folder.  Thanks.  But could you tell me who to do the same thing from the exe side?
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graberAuthor Commented:
The application launches like it should but the break points are not setting.
You can tell in the Debugging what's the start directory for the DLL.
Again: the startup project is of the DLL, not the EXE.
I seem to recall having this problem at one point, and solved it by breakpointing early in the EXE.  As soon as the EXE was in debug mode, I could then breaakpoint the DLL (and/or single-step into it).

But it shouldn't be necessary to do it that way... if the DLL is marked as a dependancy of the EXE, VS should accept breakpoints in it.
graberAuthor Commented:
Set the Debug option "Debug Type" to mixed for both projects and vowala.
graberAuthor Commented:
this will work but it wasn't the cleanest.
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