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Exchange/ AD replication query


We are running Exchange 2003/2007 along with Windows 2003 DC's. We have multiple AD sites.

In London, I have an existing AD account, domain\User1, that I mailbox-enable. The account is located in the Paris OU and the mbx on a Paris mailbox server.

The replication interval from London to Paris is 30 minutes.

Does this mean that the Paris user won't be able to access their mailbox for up to 30 minutes from the time I mailbox enable it, because the "mailbox enabling" of their account wouldn't have replicated to their DC within this time?

Or, even though the fact that the AD account was mail-enabled may not show up on the DC that the user is connected to, would the fact that the mailbox actually exists on a Paris Exch mean that they could?

Confused :-)
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Adam Brown
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They should be able to access their mailbox as long as the mailbox exists on the Exchange server.
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in a way yes. if you create a user in London it may take 5-35 minutes for replication to Paris. it also means users may not see the new email address in the GAL for up to 24 hrs for some users. cached mode and all. you could force replication between both DC's in different sites, using AD sites and services.
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Daryl Sirota
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Thanks guys..

This raises an interesting point...what if:

- User based in Paris
- User's closest DC is in Paris
- User's mailbox is in London

Now, if I mailbox enable the AD account on a Paris DC, the user will know about this quicker than the actual Exchange server where the changes will be made (i.e. mbx created), am I correct? If so, what's the best practise?

Secondly, how does this change with Exchange 2007 where you can only carry out mail related activity via the Exchange Management Console, not via ADUC?
Patience - the AD replication will catch up eventually.
Best practice would be to enable the mailbox the day before the user needs it  :)