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IE8 x64 & x86 stopped working

I have a client with an Acer laptop.  Initial issue was no connectivity to web via x86 version of IE8.  He was able to connect via x64 version of IE8.  After trying to resolve the issue, neither of the browsers work now.  
I have done thus far:
Removed the NIC and reinstalled
Reset cable modem numerous times.
Laptop does not pull an IP from modem (direct connect) says "unidentified network"
Used second laptop to test and it works fine getting to web.

My questions:
Why would IE8 x64 work and not x86?
What have i possibly missed?

Device is,again, an Acer laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.  3 GB RAM, 300 gb HDD..

Thanks in advance,
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I have to tell you, the subscription for this site is worth every nickel.  Your set of eyes on my problem found what I missed/forgot.  That FLUSHDNS worked like a charm.  Thanks so much.
You're welcome. Glad to help. :-)