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Filemaker Server on a SQL Server

We are currently running a SQL 2005 Server on a Windows Server 2003 R2 Sp3 virtual machine.  I have been tasked to install the application filemaker server (11) in our environment and am trying to find a good home for it.  Our SQL 2005 server. has about 6 databases incorporated, and I am wondering if there is any problem with running filemaker server version 11 along side a SQL 2005 server on a W2K3 server.  Or should I find another home for it?  Does it even need a server?

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A production database server (or cluster) is normally the workhorse, if not one of the workhorses of a sizeable infrastructure.
Filemaker Pro will coexist with SQL Server and if the machine is already spec-ed with spare capacity, I cannot see a reason not to deploy onto the same server.
Teh recommended practice is to have SQL Server running standalone.  If you are unable to do this, then make sure you set the maximum memory to be used by SQL Server.   SQL Server will not be operating at maximum performance, but at least it will not take up all the memory on the server and will leave some for any other shared app.
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>>may be wise to limit the amount of CPU used by SQL too<<
I would be curious to know how you do that?
using the standard MSSQL studio management
server_name, right click,properties/processeurs
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I decided to go the client OS route.  Windows 7 Pro as a guest VM.  The reason being, two different database app's could require two different management tactics, and bringing down the SQL server due to a patch or an upgrade aimed at Filemaker, is not an attractive option.    If there is not performance hits, running on a client OS than that seals the deal.  We have Backup Exec running in the environment and a remote agent will do just fine to grab the filemaker backups after Filemaker itself has done the backup.  Thanks for your suggestions, and I am sure this thread will prove useful for others.