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Help with finding and installing wireless adapter in Dell inspiron 1747

I just reinstalled a newer version of windows 7 64 bit on my laptop, but now I can't connect to the internet because I seem unable to install either the adapter or the drivers.  I downloaded everythin from the Dell site as a driver DVD did not come with the laptop.

I have troubleshooted find adapter, testing network connections, turned the tower on, though it is not receiving any signals in the absence of an adapter.  

Can you help?  Thanks kindly

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Imal Upalakshitha
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You should be able to get the wired adapter working  first. You need to install the dot net framework in order for the wireless adapter to work. Once the wired connection is working you can run updates and the dot net framework.  
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Thank you!!!!  That was exactly the problem.  Once I installed the chipset, the network adapters installed themselves.

thank you.,
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