My son upgraded his IPOD touch to the IOS.

After doing so, there is no music on his IPOD.

If I recall looking into this a while back there was a warning before applying the upgrade, but I do not recall what that message stated to do after the upgrade.

ITUNES looks fine in terms content.

I am assuming that there is a process to get the music sync'd back to the IPOD but I do not seem to be able to locate that process.
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Sometimes, after an IOS upgrade, the music initially appears not to be there, but it actually is, and will show up if you turn the iPod (all the way) off and back on again.

To transfer the music in your iTunes library onto the iPod, you'd just connect the iPod to the computer, and open iTunes and press the Sync button.

Beware, however, because this will REPLACE the music on the iPod with the music in the PC's library.  If you have music on the iPod that is not in the iTunes library on the PC, it will be obliterated (except for music that was purchased from the iTunes store.)

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Your iPod was restored to factory settings as a part of the upgrade...   You should be able to connect the iPod to the computer with iTunes running and sync your music just like it is a new iPod.  

Click out this site for more info....
yostnetAuthor Commented:
got it going | thx guys
So long as the music is still in iTunes, just sync the iPod and it should put the music back.

If it does not, with the device connected, go to the Music tab in iTunes and ensure that the music desired is selected. Entire music Library does just that (as long s there is enough space. Selected playlists requires the desired items selected in the Playlists, Artists, Genres or Albums lists selected.

Click Sync.

If the music is still not there, try doing a Restore in iTunes.

First, make sure that iTunes is up-to-date. The current release is 10.1.1. On Mac, select Software Update from the Apple menu On WIndows, select Software Update from the Start menu.

With iTunes up-to-date, connect the device and select the iPod touch on the left side bar in iTunes.

Then, in the Summary view, click Check for Update. If there is an update, apply it.

Next click the Restore button.

After the Restore is done, click the Check for Update button again, if there is an update, apply it.

Then click Sync

If that still does not work, perform an Advanced Restore:

First, disconnect the device from the computer and power it off (hold down the sleep/wake key until the Slide to Power Off slider appears and slide it.

With the device powered off, plug back into your computer.

With it now connected, power the device back on (hold down the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo appears).

The next step has to be done precisely or it may not work, so read it carefully before performing it!

Once the device displays the home screen or passcode keypad, press and hold both the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the Apple logo appears, and then only release the Sleep/Wake button and continue to hold down the Home button until the device restarts (the Apple logo will disappear and the screen will be blank for a few seconds).

After the device restarts, iTunes will see it is in recovery mode.

Select the device on the left side bar in iTunes yet again.

Go to the Summary view and click Check for Update. Like before, if there is an update, apply it.

Next click the Restore button.

After the restore is done, click the Check for Update button again, if there is an update this time, apply it.

Finally, click Sync. At this point, you should have the music back on the iPod.
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