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How to define USB drive letters

I use a lot of mapped drives and would like to define the drive letters a USB drive uses when the USB connection is made.

My win7 PC always uses the letter M and unfortunately that letter is already in use and the USB drive takes it over.

I would like to have a USB drive either dynamically pick an unsed letter or I can pick one that I know is not in use and I will leave that letter alone when I map drives

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Right click on My Computer and select Manage and then click on Disk Management. In Disk Management select the USB drive and right click and select Change Letter and Paths... and then select change and select a new drive letter for the USB device.
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That is what I do now but I have to do it over and over again (everytime I put in a camera to get pictures it blows away the drive mapped as M and I go in as you say and set it back

My hope is to force the initial letter selection so I do not have to do this
You can also access Computer Management via the control panel and then open Administrative Tools and double click on Computer Management.
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