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Blackberry 9700 Email Rentention

Hi guys,

I know there are answers to part of my question here.

I have setup the email retention on the blackberry to 90 days (default was 30) so that user can keep the email up to 3 months approx.

We have BES Express with Blackberry 9700 on ver5

Now I got the user to follow the following steps:

1.      Open “Messages”
2.      Click on the Menu Key and select “Options”
3.      Select “General Options”
4.      If you scroll down you should see a section “Keep Messages”
5.      Select 90 (default is 30)

The user still mentions that he cannot see emails that are prior to 1 month before.

So my question is with this setting is it the "NEW" emails that will be kept for 90 days? and not going to back track and sync the last three months as of today?

The ideal goal is that user wants to see emails prior to December on the BlackBerry.
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This setting will apply to new emails as the retention policy refers to the purging of emails, not email sync if that makes sense.
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Ok that makes sense,

however is there a way to synchronize back to three months?

I'm thinking I may have to turn off wireless synchronize and temporary sync with Outlook using Desktop Manager?
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Thanks you for the confirmation. I will let the user know and give them the option.