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Hello all,
Interesting thing happened today and I'd like your input.

Client has a laptop running Win 7 Home Premium x64.  
He currently has the following browsers installed:
IE8 x64 and x86
Firefox 3.6

IE8 x64 works.  None of the others do.  I can't find anything regarding an x64 version of Chrome or Firefox, so I'm inclined to believe that they work on both platforms.  There is an x86 version that installs with the x64 version of IE8 and that does not work.  I did uninstall/reinstall Firefox and Chrome with no change.

I have IE8 x64 and x86, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari installed on my PC running Win 7 Ultimate x64 and all work.  What might I be missing on his machine that I have on mine to make these work?

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István NagySenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Please check your drivers and update them.
jwhite273Author Commented:
Which drivers?  Wouldn't an uninstall/reinsall do that if a new copy is downloaded from their respective site?

István NagySenior Systems EngineerCommented:
I would go through all the drivers:

chipset and system
and all devices

1. Update win 7
2. download  the drivers from the manufacturer, for win 7 64 bit
3. uninstall all drivers
4. install new drivers
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jwhite273Author Commented:
Ok.  I'll have  the user give it a shot.  Any idea what's going on with this machine?

Marc ZCommented:
Jwhite, have these 32 bit programs ever worked properly ?  Were they installed to the correct Program Files(x86) folder and not the 64 bit Program Files folder?  You could also try installing to a new Folder (neither one of those). Also, what is the exact error message when he tries to run Firefox?  Have you checked the Firewall?
jwhite273Author Commented:
Hi mtz,
We don't get any error messages.  The programs just don't launch and that's why I'm baffled.  I do like the idea of installing to a new folder.  I can also check the x86 folder for programs.

Thanks again,
jwhite273Author Commented:
I'm getting the device on Mondy and am going to try a repair install of the OS.  It should take less time and, hopefully will work.  Any thoughts on this idea?
jwhite273Author Commented:
Sorry for the lag time.  I did a complete rebuild from the Recovery Partition.  Whatever was causing it is gone.  Thank you all for the help.

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jwhite273Author Commented:
Did a system rebuild.  Question not answered
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