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Remote Desktop for Mac not connecting to a Particular Computer

I have a MacBook running Snow Leopard and RDP for Mac 2.1.  Up until today, I have been able to remote desktop into my local desktop PC (windows 7) but now its not working.  I can connect to another PC (Windows 7) from my mac without any problems.

Also, any other windows 7 PC can connect to the PC in question.  Any ideas?
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Check the firewalls on both machines. Something is most likely blocking either mac or pc.

I would also check the RDP permissions on your windows 7 box to see if it is set to allow whatever account you are connecting from.  Is the macintosh bound to the domain?  If it is and using kerberos, it will carry the credentials, otherwise you will type in credentials and those need to be set to allow on the Windows 7 machine.  I connect from my Mac to my box with no problem using my domain account.
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Yes, the RDP is configured as "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop"

Neither computer is bound to a domain.  what I dont understand is that it was working fine for months up until yesterday.

As stated, I can connect to the PC from other PC's on the network but cannot connect from my Mac, so I assume it is a problem on my Mac.  I am not too familiar with Mac so troublshooting is a bit difficult for me.  I already uninstalled RDP for Mac and reinstalled it but it is still not working.
Have you made any other changes recently, such as anti virus software or a software firewall?

When you connect over RDP from the mac, does it prompot you for credentials, or fail before that?
Can you try pinging the other machine?

It could be that you have old login credentials saved in the keychain. I'd browse your keychains app and delete the associated keychain for that connection or delete the preference files in ~/Library/Preferences associated with RDP.
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I found a recommendation on another forum and it worked.