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No video

I have a pc that is not producing video.  I have tried everything I have changed the memory the video card the processor the motherboard the power supply the hard drive and still nothing any suggestions
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Are you using a onboard video card or a add in card?  If you have both which card are you plugging into?  Have you verified that the monitor you are using is a known good monitor.
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I have tried both onboard and pci the monitor is fine
Does it give you any video on boot?  Like are you able to go into the bios?
No video at all. Not even on boot
you mean no video or display but system boots (your saying-> ' not even on boot)?

Yes the system turns on powers up but I have no video at all
->When you switch 'on' do you get Beep voice ?
-> present connection, display is via PCI graphic card or onboard ?
-> Switching ON do you see keyboard "num lock , caps lock & scrool lock light blink together. ?
Are there any lights on the motherboard that would indicate something is actually working.  If you pulling all the memory out and try to boot, does it give you a series of beeps?
No beeps yes on the lights. Currently running from on board video
-> Video card still fix on motherboard (while you are using on board) ?
-> Make sure processor  Heat sink is properly align (properly connected) and heat sink fan power connection using right connector on motherboard.
If you have pulled all the memory out and it is NOT beeping then you have a bad motherboard.  All motherboards give some type of beeping when the memory is removed.
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none of these work
none of these work does not tell me what you tried, and with what results; so please, be specific - then we can help you better.
of course we cannot repair a bad card...that must be replaced