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Linux grep regex, skip words

I want to define near as "within a specified number of words".  I want to find instances of one word near another.

As a working example, I have a file containing "provided in Section".  I want to find it by finding "provided", skipping a word, and then finding Section.  I'll expand this to a more general solution.

In Kubuntu, I'm using egrep, as in
   egrep "provided(.\w*).Section" filename
which works fine.

   egrep "provided(.\w*)\{1,1\}.Section" filename
does not work.  I'm confused.

I don't need to capture the intervening word.  I'll add a '+' to the '.' later.
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Is this sufficient? Find Section within 4 words of provided (for example):
egrep "provided( \w*){0,3}Section" test

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Actually, I think it needs a slight modification (missing space):
egrep "provided( \w*){0,3} Section" test

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Yes, that works very well, and I see my error.  I was placing a slash before each curly brace.

Thank you.