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How do I add an augment to a PowerShell Command?

How do I add a variable value that will allow an executable program to run that option?

I am a beginner with prgramming and especially PowerShell. I am using another application that has a PowerShell Module that allows me to place the command (Start-Process "E:\Folder\Merged.exe" -wait), which launches it successfully.

What I need to do is add the option of "0" or "1" or "2" or "3" after "E:\Folder\Merged.exe

I can run this application with the following from a commandline:

"E:\Folder\Merged.exe 0" or "E:\Folder\Merged.exe 1" or "E:\Folder\Merged.exe 3" and it launches succerssfully.
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Thank you, Such a simple solution and I had not triedf that one...Thanks again and Happy New Year 2011.