Coldfusion XML String Replace FFFD Unicode character

I keep getting an error when I try to export my MySQL database to XML file.

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 37, Column 6:2003 ¿ 2007

The error occurs where the text should read '2003 - 2007'

Have tried to filter out the FFFD unicode character with:

<cfset newxml = rereplace(#newxml#, "[\0xfffd]", "", "All")>
<cfset newxml = rereplace(#newxml#, "[\0x2013]", "", "All")>

My unicode editor shows the offending charactoer to be U+2013

My XML page is set to UTF-8 but this and other characters keep appearing.

How do I filter out these higher unicode characters, and specfically FFFD or U+2013?
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The XML file (at least the part of it giving the error) is encoded in the "Windows-1252" codepage,
because the characters which give you the errors belong to that codepage.
(for example, the character on the line 37 is actually a dash with code 0x96).
So, try to change the "encoding" attribute in the XML declaration to "Windows-1252".

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wdgoldenAuthor Commented:
This worked. Substituting the different encoding (Windows-1252) for UTF-8 worked without a hitch. A BIG thanks!
you're welcome
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