Documenting .Net Application

I’ve been tasked with Documenting the Source-Code of an application that I've been working on for the last year (VB.Net in Visual Studio 2010), and I was wondering if someone could please give me a touch of guidance as how best to do it?

I’ve started with a MindMap… which shows all the files (.aspx, etc.) and /folders… and then I’ve added notes to some of them (so far), like:

  Default page that runs at application start
   • Page_Load()
      Checks for and initiates AutoLogins
   • BuildPage()
      Builds "Static Pages" from the "Pages" table of the DB
   • OnceADay()
      "Cleans" the /temp folder on application run, once a day...
The purpose of the document is that in the unlikely event that I get hit by a meteorite, that my partners will be able to take the code, and this document, to another developer, who should then be able to easily figure his/her way through the code to continue with maintenance and development.

1. Is the way I’m doing it “okay”? Or is there a better (more standard) way to do this?
2. Would you by any chance have a document that I could look at as an example?
3. Is there a way to automagically create a document like this from Visual Studio?

Another piece of the document will be to record changes / bug-fixes as and when they occur…


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well if you use internal documentation given in Visual Studio, it will be much simpler and it will allow you to generate the XML file for your documentation which can then be easily reffered by any other programmer.just try to add \\\ on every function in your class and you will be able to see automatic documentation XML on your function.

now after you do this, just right click on your solution, go to build-->output and check the xml documentation file check box. it will generate a very well designed XML Documentation for your code....

EspavoAuthor Commented:
I think the \\\ only works in C#... :-(

And, I don't have a build-->output option anywhere... :-(
Deepak LakkadCommented:

You can use ''' (3 times ') in

Also it will generate xml file having same name as your application in your output folder

- Deepak Lakkad
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EspavoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Deepak,

That was very helpfull, and, still doesn't give me what I'm after...

From what I've read here my one biggest problem is that I'm working on a website project, so the "cute" compile and create XML doesn't exist... and, the helpfile and XML generated are too technical for what I'm actually after...

I'm guessing that my MindMap may still be the best option...

EspavoAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not assigning points earlier...
Is it possible to give BuggyCoder 100 points as an assist? <please>

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