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home pool assistance

I'm going to be going into a home with a pool and have a couple of questions:

1.   what safety options are available for pool safety...I have a 3 year old boy.

2.  How do I take care of a pool?  Is there a device I can purchase so I don't have to pay someone a monthly fee to take care of my pool?

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Ensure the pool  is fully fenced with a child proof catch on the gate. The bars on the fence need to be 150mm or less apart. The catch generally lifts from the top of the gate to open and the gate is spring loaded to automatically shut. As far as maintenance is concerned, it depends on whether it is a salt or chlorinated pool. The pH levels need to be monitored (which can be done with a kit) and then correct levels need to be maintained. This is done with chlorine, salt and hydrochloric acid (pool grade) depending on the type of pool and pH levels. Once the pool is set , it is relatvely easy to maintain. Keeping the pool clean and running the filter (which is usually on a timer) all help the process.
There is also a device we have that floats in the pool when not in use... if a ripple strikes the device, (say someone falling into the pool ) it sets off an alarm.
Hope this provides some insight.... I find cleaning the pool very threrapeutic!!!
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The #1 best thing you can buy is swimming lessons.  I don't know anything about pool maintenance, though.
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