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Rules in outlook - "client Only "


we are running outlook 2003 on exchange ser ver 2003.

I created a new rule in outlook regarding mail i sent.
i asked it to place a copy in a certain folder.
it told me that this is a client only rule, and will only apply when out look is running.
not sure exactly what that means, but when i asked to run the rule, it woul d not move mail i previously sent , and place it in the specified folder.
alternatively when i create a rule on mail i received, it runs on my in box, and cleans my in box up...

why does it not do that for mail i already sent...?
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well that makes sense.... if out look is closed, i can not send mail.. hence no rul applies....
as opposed to when mail is received... this can happen when out look is closed.

thanks so much...

Glad I could help.  There is a good article on it here: