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Suggestion for Backup Software

Dear Experts,

I have been using NTBACKUP utility to backup static data on IBM LTO3 tape drive. Backup is done for host machine (server on which tape drive is installed) & network drives mapped on it (other servers on network).

Recently we have observed that intermittently network drives are not backed up. I am wondering if this is bug with NTBACKUP tool ? It is esnured that Network is up & running.

Please suggest some economical 3rd party backup software.


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I've had great success with BackupExec (although I haven't used the very latest version).

With regards to NTBackup omitting the network drives, are there any clues in the event logs?
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Not sure quite how economical you are trying to be so I'm posting the cheapest I trust and the second cheapest I trust. Have used both of the packages for over 4 years with 0 major problems to date on over 2500 servers.
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Attn: EoinH : Aware of BackupExec, its pretty expensive, havent found relevan logs in windows

Attn: SemperWiFi: neither of recommended softwares i,e BackUp4All & Acronis support backup on Tape Drives


You should create a local backup copy on an external storage such as SAN or NAS and also carry a remote backup compy to an external server. Tape backup is good if you have lots of data or need long term storage.

The reason for this is that if you need to recover data, you can do so immediately from your local copy and not have to wait to restore from an offsite server which could take some time to transfer.

If you had fire, theft, or some other damage to your hardwares, your offsite backup would keep you safe, but again, it would take some time to restore it.

As far as third party backups, there are many out there.
Considerations are:
- Where is the data stored offsite
- How are the facilities built that houses the servers
- For large data recovery, what are the alternatives to download the data remotely
- How long does it take to recover the data
- Support of Exchange and database backups
- Cost
- Support
- Quality of the backup application
- Are you paying for raw data stored or the amount of compressed data stored
- Does the application support local and remote backup scheduling
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Sorry my friend, I don't trust data to tape and only use redundant disk storage so I'm not going to be helpful getting you into something that supports tape. If you care about your company data you may want to look into disk storage (RAID or MAID for long term) and off site as well. Biggest issue with tape is you have no way of knowing if the tape is still good till you need it and then you're left crossing your fingers. Not something everyone can live with.