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Exchange server 2010 ! OALGen Error Recored into Event Viwer


This  error started when i installed the Exchange 2010 server into existing Exchange server 2003 migration.....This error coming on Exchange server 2003 machine only and  i want to correct this before moving the mailboxes on exchange server 2010 .

Log: Application
Type: Error
Event: 9360
Agent Time: 2010-12-19 02:13:44Z
Event Time: 10:11:21 AM 19-Dec-2010 UTC
Source: MSExchangeSA
Category: OAL Generator
Username: N/A
Description: OALGen encountered an error while generating the changes.oab file for version 2 and 3 differential downloads of address list '\Global Address List'.  The offline address list has not been updated so clients will not be able to download the current set of changes.  Check other logged events to find the cause of this error.

If the cause of the problem was intentional or cannot be resolved, OALGen can be forced to post a full offline address list by creating the DWORD registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeSA\Parameters\OAL post full if diff fails' and setting it to 1 on this server.  When OALGen next generates the offline address list, clients will perform a full OAB download.  After that time, the registry key should be removed to prevent further full downloads.

- Default Offline Address List

I also fallow the suggested solution into event viewer regarding this  by adding the registry key OAL post full if diff fails and set key value 1.But still error is coming......might be i am something.

Please assist !

Any help really appreciable !
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Refer MS-KB 922255
Please forgive that Ms-KB article is non-existing now
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i found MS-KB 922255 and fallowed but it did not worked !
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This time my both server exchange  2003 and exchange 2010 up and running into production but the error is coming on exchange server 2003 !
After creating the registry entry 'OAL post full if diff fails', did you restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service on the Exchange 2003 Server.
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No, I am Not !
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hi AshwinRaj111.

I have not restarted the Microsoft Exchange system Attendant Service on Exchange server 2003

In order for the Settings to take Affect you need to restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service.