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Internet not working on win server2003 of Tata Photon Plus

Dear Friends,
A tata photon plus data card -- works smoothly on other ms os like vista, windows 7.
But same when plugged in to win server 2003, never connects!!
Please advise.
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Try download&install compatible drivers for (win2k3) and see if that works or not.
U have to contact Huawei customer care to help you, as they are the manufacturer of Tata Photon and drivers currently are not compatible with this O.S.

Before installing driver select compatible with 2000 and try.

They are only compatible with Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista

Reply if this helps.
This tata photon plus data card is not compitable with server 2003. If you want to gain internet access via this card best option is to setup an configure on XP or Win7 PC and then enable share iinternet access on this PC. All you have to do is point the server default gateway to the IP address of PC.

Hope this is suitable option for you.

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