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Migrate from Win 2003 SBS to Win 2008 Foundation


I have a small office (5 users) running Windows 2003 Small Business Server (SBS). Its function for the most part has been as a file server and print server. MS Exchange was used, but only with the POP3 Connectors to go out and grab mail from the ISP's servers. None of the Calendaring or other functions of Exchange were used.

The server running 2003 SBS is ready to be retired. So the plan is to migrate the functions of the existing server (minus Exchange) over to Windows 2008 R2 Foundation on new hardware. The client PCs will just go directly to the ISP's POP3 servers to get their mail. At the end of this process, there will only be one server (Windows 2008 Foundation).

I read that I needed to upgrade the Active Directory on the 2003 SBS by running "adprep32 / forestprep" followed by "adprep32 /domainprep /gpprep", which I have done successfully.

My questions are:
a) What is the process for adding the 2008 Foundation to the existing domain?
b) How do I make the 2008 Foundation the primary domain controller?
c) How do I make the 2003 SBS a secondary controller so that I can keep it running while migtrating data off of it?
d) Is there anything special I need to do on the 2008 Foundation when the 2003 SBS is ready to be shut down for the last time?

While it may not sound like it, I am pretty IT and network-literate. I just don't do a whole lot with Windows servers. I appreciate any assitance that you may offer.
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You have to seize the FSMO from SBS after the shutdown.
You cannot transfer the FSMO from SBS.

Once you seize the FSMO from SBS you have to remove the entries of SBS object from the AD and DNS using metadata.
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Thank you for the quick reply.

Since I don't want to screw this up, let me be a pain and ask real basic questions:

a) on the 2008 Foundation, do I first join the domain via the UI?
b) on the 2008 Foundation, do I then run DC Promo? If so, what are the parameters that I need to specify?
c) on the 2003 SBS, you indicate that I should "Trust the new server for delegation". What is the command I run to make that happen?

At that point, if I understand you correctly, the 2008 Foundation will then be a part of the domain and trusted for Active Directory delegation. If that is true, then I would think that is where I would stop until such time that I have moved all my data over to the 2008 Foundation.

Once all data has been moved, then I would continue with your instructions since you indicate that the 2003 SBS should essentially be shut down as soon as the 5 FSMO roles are transferred to the 2008 Foundation server.

What command would I issue to transfer the FSMO roles? I presume that the command would be issued from the 2003 SBS server?

Thanks again for your help. Sorry to have you "spoon feed" me, but I want to get this right the first time rather than creating a crisis.

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Thanks again for the quick reply.

You are right on the money so far:
1) I have run DC Promo on the new server and have made it a part of the existing domain as a domain controller.
2) On the 2003 SBS, I found the "Trust this server for delegation" option and it was already selected.

I will not go through the process of getting my data moved and get all functions that I want on the new server. When complete (which may not be today), I will continue with the FSMO roles.

Rather than close this question now, I will keep it open until I have completed the FSMO transfer.

Thank again for now...
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If this server is hosting your internet connectivity, make sure you install Routing and Remote access and DHCP.

Good luck...
While I still haven't gotten to the point of the FSMO transfer, the answers I received above have gotten me going. Once I have completed transferring everything from the old server to the new, I will attempt siezing the FSMO roles per the instructions received here. If I have problems, I'll be back...

Thanks again for the assistance!
You want to seize the roles since you are going to take the SBS off the network. By seizing, the new server will take over these roles.

From command prompt, run NETDOM QUERY FSMO  and you can see who holds the roles. Then after the seize, run it again, and it should list the new server as holding each role.