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Command to cause screen to recover a session as it was configured (w/ splits)

I'm a frequent user of screen, I usually do a few splits and run multiple sessions with 3 or 4 panes.  When I lose my connection and do a screen -RR to re-attach it just re-attaches to one of the splits, not the whole session.  I have to manually do two or three splits with ^A:next to get it back to where it was.

How can I issue a single command to recover the configuration?
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Have a look into your ~/.screenrc file I believe you can achieve what your after.

# Example of automatically running some programs in windows on screen startup.
# Use the form: screen [-flag] [window name] [window number] [program to run in window]
# The -t flag means that the window in which that program is running
# closes when you exit that program, so if you quit pine
# window 2 closes.

screen bash
screen -t emacs 1 emacs
screen -t mail 2 pine
screen -t slashdot 3 lynx
screen -t k5 4 lynx
screen -t bar 5 ssh foo@bar

# I cribbed most of this from /etc/screenrc
# Check it out on your own to learn more about keybindings and whatnot.

Also have a look at this page for some examples

It goes into the Master and Slave splits.
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