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How to Setup a MAK Server

I'm trying to setup a Windows 2008 MAK server for me windows 2008 domain to activate my 2008 and windows 7 and office 2010 installs without acces to the internet..

How do I setup a MAK server?
What are the steps?
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If you are using MAK keys you do not need a server setup to register your computers. If you will be using KMS keys you will need to setup a KMS server. Here are some links for office 2010 and 2008, Win7. For 2010 you will need either 2008R2 or 2003 to install the office KMS server, it does not work on 2008.
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SO Office 2010 only uses KMS??

ALso when i use MAK can I acitvate my client's without an internet connection?

Correct if I wrong but when using KMS if a client is not in contact with the KMS server for a while, it will prompt the user to activate this correct
yea it will prompt in KMS case.
Office can use either mms or mak
What is there anything special that need to be done for an office 2010 MAK setup..

Take a look at this link for a list of FAQs for office 2010
Do you recommend going with a MAK proxy server solution ? What are the pro's of a MAK proxy?
How many clients do you have with office 2010?
about 400+ clients that will be running Office 2010 adn Windows 7
I would setup a kms server then. This would be able to active both win7 and office clients.
I would setup a kms server then. This would be able to active both win7 and office clients.
but some of my client are in field site and not connect to the network for long periods of time
How long of a period?
Depending on how long you will probably just want to use a mak key on those clients.
Again this is why I wanted to use MAK....

With this in my would you suggestion I use a MAK proxy
It would depend on how long these clients will be off the network and how many there are.
How long will these computers be disconnected from the network?

For the computers that will be on the network I would use KMS.
some workstation are off the network for over 45 days....

I rather use MAK or KMS not both to make thing easier..
again should I use a MAK proxy???
ok, you still have not answered my questions though.
How many clients will be off the network for an extended period of time?
How long will they be off the network? you said over 45 days, with KMS they can go 180, will it be longer than 180?

It is really whatever method you prefer to use. But if all your clients will be on the network within the 180 day period I would use KMS. And if there will be a handful that may be longer I would use a MAK key on just those ones.

I will have about 120+ client off the network for varrying periods of time
If these 120 clients will be offline for over 180 days then you could either install them with a MAK key and use KMS server for your internal clients. Or use VAMT to manage all your computers. If most of these 120+ computers will be off the network for 180+ days then I would probably use the VAMT in your case to manager all the keys.
How does vAMT differ from KMS or MAK
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