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Video Screen Share over LAN on Windows 7

Hi Everyone,

I have obtain one webcam yahoo messenger webcam connection which has to be displayed on 2 projectors in different rooms. It's a large event so I can't ask for another webcam connection. I have the following equipment available to me:

3 laptops (1x Win XP, 1x Win 7 Starter, 1x Win Ultimate)
Enough VGA cable to connect each laptop to a projector (not enough to reach to other room)
2 Projectors
1 wireless router (which happens to be rubbish at port forwarding) to which all 3 laptops are connected to and have access to internet.

As this is for a charity event, no extra equipment can/should be purchased.

I tried Skype screen share and TeamViewer to share the screen of the laptop which is showing the webcam feed, but this was losing video quality. Hence I have to come up with something that will share over the LAN.

Anyone got any idea of what would be a good way of displaying the webcam feed from both projectors (when only 1 laptop can receive the live webcam feed)?

ANy help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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If you are wanting to project video onto two projectors, you need to start with a decent quality video source, you then need to be able top turn it into something that you can stream, and then have something to display the stream.

Displaying the stream is the simplest to do, encoding and streaming live video is the hardest. If you had three apple computers, then I'd suggest using iChat which works using Bonjour on a local network so the video feed doesn't go out onto the internet and back again, which it will do on both of the solutions that you have come up with so far.

You might find that if you install Linux on the machine that will be connected to the camera, that you can use VLC

You might be able to do something with Windows Media Encoder, but this will depend on how the camera that you purchased presents itself.

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