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reinstall SBS2008 Backup

The SBS2008 backup shows it is OK in the console, but I have a bunch of errors in the report.  Everything else in SBS is working OK.  Does anyone know how or if it is possible to re-install just the backup portion of SBS2008?
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Most time it is not the backup, but the medium or shadow copy that's causing the errors.
Check  the application and system log for errors.
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As reijer stated: probably has to do with shadow copy.

2 tips on how you fix the problem:

tips #1:

Lower the amount of diskspace that shadow copies might use:
Administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Right click Shared Folders -> All tasks -> Configure Shadow copies...
Mark the C-disk -> click on Settings
Maximum size: x Use limit: XXX MB

Lower the limit to a value smaller than it is now.

tips #2: (If the errors are related to SQL server backup)

Stop the SQL writer before backup.

Create a script  that stops SQL writer (stopsqlw.cmd) and one that starts SQL writer (startsqlw.cmd).

net stop sqlwriter

net start sqlwriter

schedule stopsqlw.cmd to run before backup and startsqlw.cmd to run after the backup. Make sure that the scripts runs as local admin or similiar.

Good luck!
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All the VSS writers appear OK.

I assume you are referring to the backup medium...same problem on 2 separate USB drives.

Why would it now need something to start & stop the SQL when it previously worked without that?

This is why I want to start fresh if possible with a clean in stall of the backup component.  Is that possible?
SBS backup is just a layer on the default windows server backup.

So may be you can just uncheck the windows backup feature but i don't know for sure.
after that you can do a reboot and recheck the feature so the backup component will install.
@reader125: The start and stop sql writer is something i have to use to get my windows backup feature to work and not fill the logs with errors.Tthat's why.
I stopped & restarted the SQL writer, but it had not effect.  When using the server backup, it shows that it completes successfully but shows the yellow warning.   The details shows the error name "Exchange" and the message "application will not be available for recovery'.  

Looking at the application log, there are ESE error 518 (log missing) as well as Event ID 565 which is a consistency check for component error of Exchange.  
SBS 2008 Backup is not designed to work with either LCR (Local Continuous Replication) or SCR (Standby Continuous Replication). The backup job will not fail, however you will receive an error under the details of the completed job telling you that Exchange is not available for recovery. Likewise, when you choose to restore an application from your backup job, you will not see Exchange in the list. This prevents you from performing an online backup or restore of your Exchange data.

So you have to check if you use continiues replication and if you want to use the sbs backup, you have to turn that off. Or use an other backup program (DPM2010)
First and Second Storage group I assume do not have LCR enabled, as the "enable local continuous replication" is a choice on both.  Copy status says "disabled".

How does one tell if SCR is enabled?  If it had to be started via the Exchange management shell....then I doubt it is enabled.
It is just a guess maybe you had replication enabled. But I understand you don't.
As far as I know, replication is not enabled.  My best guess from reviewing the daily report is that there is a log file that is missing.  I verified that the exchange log file is missing, which is weird as it is in the middle of a bunch of log files.  I think that the exchange portion is not backing up because of that missing log file.  The daily report has an ESE event with a 518 eventID, but the error number is 528.  

Can anyone tell me how to resolve a missing exchange log file?  My guess is that if I resolve the missing log file, the rest may then be OK.
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